Week 1: Digital Humanities or The Digital Humanities?

In her article “The Humanities Done Digitally”, Kathleen Fitzgerald begins her definition of Digital Humanities (DH) by addressing a question: is it singular or plural? This is not just a grammatical question but one that address the nature of DH today.

For a relatively new field, DH has quickly expanded to the extent that everyone is doing “DH” in an attempt to “keep up with the Joneses”. This has resulted in a diverse, internally fragmented field, breeding dissonance and interdisciplinarity as specialists in history, literature and the wider humanities explore ways to integrate the “Digital” into their work.

Does this make every humanist a Digital Humanist? One question that provides a good guide between those actually doing DH and those claiming to do so is “Can what they are doing be done without a computer? If the answer is no, the likelihood is they are conducting DH.



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