Week 9 : Knowledge Mobilisation

This week saw a return to the theoretical side of digital humanities, as opposed to the practical side we have all been enjoying playing with. In particular, we discussed the role of blogging and social media as practices for moving knowledge beyond the academic bubble.

Blogging and tweeting as parts of academic practice is one that is not always accepted by the academic community. Reading To Blog or Not To Blog and The Impact of Social Media on the Dissemination of Research: Results of an Experiment highlighted this to me due to the need felt by these academics to defend their chosen practices. As a blogger, this saddens me due to my belief that such practices do open up areas of knowledge to wider groups. On the other hand, David Gaertner’s blog post emphasised the idea that blogs are a place for academics to be more experimental and develop their own voice outside of academic formalities.

To conclude, this seminar has strengthened my desire to continue blogging throughout the rest of my Masters. Yes, this blog was originally part of the assessment for the Introduction to Digital Humanities module. However, it has proved to be so helpful in formulating my thoughts over the semester, as well as enjoyable, that it would be a  shame to stop.


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