Week 10 : The Future of Digital Humanities

This will be my final post for Introduction to digital humanities as it is about my final week!

We spent the seminar discussing how digital humanities might change and, more importantly, how it will impact the future. A large amount of this hovered around the question of whether DH reinforces a commercialisation of research or not. This was the main theme throughout the discussion as we debated whether or not technology made research accessible. As the owner of a MacBook Air, I did take a bit of ribbing for buying into commercialisation but this led us to discussing how monopolies are taking over aspects of the digital world.

The conclusion we came to was that DH could easily go down the path of capitalism and be restricted only to those who can afford the tools and equipment. Yet discussing these possibilities will lessen the likelihood of them as scholars become more aware of them. Thus, DH scholars are positioned between the route that uses more powerful but ultimately more expensive tools and the less effective route with open-access/free/cheaper tools that will open up the field to more people. While I cannot say which path DH scholars will choose, I hope it will be one that opens DH to more people even if it is at the cost of efficiency.


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