DH Project : The Problem with 1 Chronicles.

Now that I have finished ‘Introduction to Digital Humanities’, I can concentrate on my project. So far I have used dendrograms and rolling deltas to analyse the style of six books from the history section of the Bible. This is where I have come across my first problem.

I have always assumed that there were three authors or groups of authors for the three pairs of books: 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, 1 and 2 Chronicles. One author or group per pair of books. So when the dendrogram showed that 1 Chronicles was stylistically very different to 2 Chronicles, which was more similar to 1 and 2 Kings, I was very confused.

Those of you who know the history section of the Bible will know that the first nine chapters of 1 Chronicles involve a lot of genealogy lists. The logical assumption was that these lists were causing the stylistic differences, so I ran the same analysis but removed the appropriate chapters from 1 Chronicles. I expected to find that 1 and 2 Chronicles were clustered together on the dendrogram. This wasn’t the case. In fact, removing the genealogy chapters made no difference to where 1 Chronicles was clustered. Thus I have no idea why 1 Chronicles is so stylistically different to 2 Chronicles and the other four books.


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