DH Project Conclusion

I have handed in all four essays from last semester! So, having abandoned this blog for a few weeks, I’m now back to sharing my thoughts on the world of digital humanities once a week.

It also means that I reached a conclusion on my 1 Chronicles project for Introduction to Digital Humanities. After a lot of frustration, I ended up focusing on messy data and whether specific chapters in 1 Chronicles could be considered “messy”. It was not an easy topic by any means but I did reach ac conclusion.


As far as the genealogy lists in 1 Chronicles 1-9 are concerned, whether the data is messy or not is in relation to the methods and tools being used. Though it seems obvious now, it really didn’t feel obvious at the time.

It’s not a groundbreaking conclusion but it introduced me to the trials and tribulations of digital textual analysis. It also showed me the fun and interesting side (yes, I said that) to digital humanities. I’m even looking forward to the textual analysis module next term!


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