Dissertation Update: Workshop Woes and Evaluative Essays

So I haven’t written on here since my birthday over a month ago… Oops! Sorry about that and my excuse isn’t even that great. I literally have had nothing particularly positive to write about. Well, that and I had two assessments to complete, a group project to finish and job applications to fill out so it’s not like I’ve been bored.

Now that is all over, it is full steam ahead with my dissertation. I am holding a workshop on Saturday, with members of the Story Forge taking part with the various exercises. If I’m totally honest, I am worried about the workshop because using Arthurian literature to explore non-traditional families is a potentially tricky concept to explain as well as being one I’m ridiculously passionate about. So this is either going to be a huge success or a total disaster. I really can’t see there being any room for an in-between result. Plus this is the third workshop that I have tried to run. No matter what happens, I will be running this event and that is that!

Fortunately, it seems that the dissertation is not contingent on a successful event. In fact, the main thing is that we are able to evaluate the event no matter what the end result is. So if no one comes, I can evaluate why no one came after three attempts and how I would improve the event’s PR and advertising next time. If people do attend, then I can evaluate how the event went and what I would need to change if I was repeating the workshop. Either way, I should have plenty to write about in my reflective essay.

In regards to the academic essay, I have 8,000 words to write. Thinking that means I’m going to need a bit of research and reading to help support any arguments or points that I make. Better get reading some more essays on public engagement, outreach and how to create an effective digital archive.


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